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Invest in the Half Trillion Dollar Industry that is Injury Law. We founded this platform to give non-institutional investors the ability to invest in institutional-quality investments.

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Myth – Law firms are rich and already have money. They can’t put investment dollars to work

Fact – Injury firms are businesses just like any other

High dollar cases take millions of dollars in advertising to acquire and years to settle. We know how to safely put advertising dollars to work within law firms that allow firms to grow and prosper by acquiring high revenue cases.



Law firms risk their ad dollars to get new injury cases


2. Once new cases are acquired, LawInvest.com seeks accredited investors for a 506(c) debt offering


Investors complete a PPM document, confirming their understanding of the deal


LawInvest.com uses the funding to fund their ad campaigns to acquire new injury cases


Rinse and repeat #2 – 4!

Our sister advertising agency, Malbis.com, runs TV commercials and other types of legal advertising. Consumers with potential cases call the 800# in the TV commercial, speak with a legal intake agent, and sign a retainer with a participating law firm.

Join the newest investment movement. Invest in the half trillion dollar industry that is injury law.